Shirelle Williams

Be FEARLESS in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

- Jennifer Lee


Shirelle Williams is boldly making her presence known in the field of media relations and production. A dreamer and doer, she is an Entrepreneur, Storyteller, Creative Director, Producer and Media Relations Professional. She has experience in various industries, including entertainment, radio, non-profits and education. She is a proficient communicator and visual creator, and has built a career utilizing methods of videography, photography and editorial writing for outreach and branding for her clientele and employers. Her editorial work has been published in The Voice Tribune and Churchill Downs Magazines; additionally, she has produced numerous social media engagement content for organizations, such as Kentucky Derby Festival.

She found her grit when she quit the corporate world to pursue her passion to create her own opportunities in media and digital production. She launched RELLE in late 2019 and is the Founder and Creative Director of Relle-A-Vision Multimedia Production Co. and interactive parenting vlog, Mommy and Doo


Shirelle is a woman of valor and resilience and has learned to laugh in the face of adversity. With her ebullient personality and fervor to create, she is just breaking the surface in entrepreneurship and her career desires. Laying a firm foundation brick by brick, she strives to work with and for global brands in areas of creativity and media relations. Her dream role is to work in publicity for large scale TV programming, film, or streaming services.

Shirelle Williams

RELLE by Shirelle was a venture designed as she found difficulty seeking a full-time media relation and content creation role. Growing frustrated with the minimal opportunities available, she pulled up her bootstraps and prayerfully worked until her desires came into fruition. Being the persistent, driven and creative thinker she is, Shirelle knew she was capable of the work in her field, so set out to create opportunities for herself. 

Relle-A-Vision Multimedia Production Co. offers services in mediums of videography and photography strategic imagery for branding of small businesses, entrepreneurs and capturing memorable moments for individuals. It aims to be the revolving resource for imagery branding for its clientele.

Mommy and Doo is influenced by Shirelle's journey of balancing life, career, and parenthood. Her daughter graced her with motherhood in 2017. Shirelle was nervous and fearful of joining a new club she knew nothing about. However, every stomach kick, fetal doppler check, and ultra sound grew her anticipation of seeing her daughter's sweet face. Constantly learning and growing being a parent, she felt compelled to create a community for all parents, and parents to be, to communicate and support each other while raising tiny humans— we all know, it takes a village. Mommy and Doo touches on several subjects: interactive parent child activities, mental health, beauty tips for mommies, maintaining an active love life and more! 

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Shirelle Williams

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